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A DUI Is Serious

Some sources might lead you to believe a DUI is no big deal, little more than a traffic ticket that can easily be dismissed. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You need to take this seriously and it’s in your best interest to retain professional legal representation as soon as possible.
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What Now? | Options

The implications of a DUI arrest are daunting, which range from an astronomical increase in your auto insurance rates or loss of your drivers license, to jail time. The good news is there are options, and it doesn’t have to be scary. Let me be your guide through the system for the best possible outcome.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Right now you probably have more questions than answers, and we can help turn that around! “What’s my next step?” “How serious is a DUI in Santa Cruz?” “What are the potential consequences?” “What is a Wet Reckless?” Get the answers now!
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First Offense DUI

A DUI arrest and possible conviction isn’t just embarrassing or inconvenient, it can have a substantial impact on your life and your lifestyle.

Some of the potential consequences include:

  • A Criminal Record – Misdemeanor or Felony Can affect your career
  • Suspension Of License Can affect your job and travel
  • Potential Jail/Prison Time Loss of freedom
  • Increase In Car Insurance Rates Often thousands of dollars, but a good plea deal may reduce this

Depending on the details of your case many of the above potential outcomes may be avoided or reduced with the assistance of a legal professional, a focused DUI attorney here in Santa Cruz CA, who knows the system and has the right experience.

I have the experience to effectively analyze the details of your case and design a strategy to get you the best possible outcome, minimizing the impact on your life and lifestyle.

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DUI Lawyer Reviews

“I had a DUI charge and a commercial driver’s license at risk. I got Rick Gazipura as my attorney and he did a great job against an Assistant District Attorney hell bent on getting a guilty verdict. I had 5 additional charges added on months later, some quite serious.

“In the end, we went to a jury trial. Mr. Gazipura brought in a great forensic scientist and I was found ‘not guilty‘ on the DUI charge. All other charges were dismissed except for ‘dry reckless driving,’ for which the judge gave me the minimum fine. Mr. Gazipura is a great attorney!”

Cliff H.

“My DUI marked the end of a very tough chapter in my life. I found myself facing serious repercussions. Needless to say, I was really scared. Mr. Gazipura with his extensive knowledge and calm demeanor made me feel immediately better about my situation. He was so compassionate and caring, I knew right away I was in good hands.

“In the end, everything worked out really well. I’m so grateful to Mr. Gazipura for his hard work on my behalf! 5 stars and 10/10, I would recommend him to anyone.”

Rose A.

“I was being charged with a DUI and with the help of Mr. Gazipura I was found ‘not guilty’ after the trial. Mr. Gazipura listened to me, was thorough in his research of the case, was knowledgeable of the law and the standard procedures of DUI testing, brought in expert witnesses, and with his calm demeanor won the case.

“I’m so grateful to Mr. Gazipura for the positive outcome of my case as it has allowed me to begin my professional career without difficulties. I would recommend Mr. Gazipura to anyone facing legal trouble.”

A. C.

“I was defended by Mr. Gazipura during a tough case. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He did a great job in getting the best possible outcome for my case. If I ever need a lawyer again I would choose Mr. Gazipura.”

Gabe L.

10.0Rick Gazipura

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